1984   March 23rd Memo - ASID National Board of Directors approves policies for Chapters pursuing licensing legislation and the establishment of a funding process.  Carolyn Fielder, ASID becomes the OK Chapter Legislative Chairperson.

1984   October 11th - ASID and IBD create “The Joint Task Force on Legal Registration”.

1984   November 9th - National AIA Interiors Committee votes for to support interior design registration legislation.

1985   September 4th – ASID OK Chapter begins a dialogue with the AIA OK Chapter officers to start the first attempt to pass interior design title act in OK.  Our first lobbyist name is J. Anthony Borthick and Susie Woody, ASID becomes an OK Chapter Legislative Co-Chairperson with Carolyn Fielder, ASID.

1986   AIA OK Chapter attempts to pass legislation restricting interior designers from practicing in commercial environments.  Steve Kelley replaces J. Anthony Borthick as ASID OK Chapter lobbyist.

1988   January 31st - ASID OK Chapter first attempt to pass interior design title registration legislation.  Both failed in committee as a result of opposition.

1989   May - State Architecture Board restricts interior design and space planning services with the use of a new employee to enforce the state act. ASID OK Chapter tries to amend the act but retreats for future legislative efforts with architects.  Martina Gangel, ASID is the ASID OK Chapter Legislative Chairperson.

1989   December National Accord established between AIA, ASID, IBD and ISID.  The Accord called on AIA to support interior design title act legislation.  In return the interior design organizations were to:  not advocate interior design practice acts, not pursue sealing privileges for building permitting, provide that architects be permitted to register as interior designers without meeting any interior design training, education, testing or meet other minimum standards in interior design and establish joint regulatory boards.

1991   AIA and ASID OK Chapters create strong cooperation in creating legislation.

1992   February - AIA and ASID OK Chapters submit “Revisions to Oklahoma Architectural Act-Senate Bill 925” to the OK legislature.  All procedures went well with both AIA and ASID working together to attempt to pass the legislation.  But in the last minute support was lost in the House and Governor because of opposition from the State Home Builders Association, The Lumbermen’s Association, the General Contractors Association and rural communities because of their opposition to the architects portion of the bill and not interior design portion. ASID proposes to AIA to work with them on the possibility of sending a title certification bill for interior designer to the legislator separate from the Architect Act if the architects were to decide not to purse legislation the following year base on the opposition they faced.

1992   July-AIA/ASID Government Affairs meeting confirm to work on strategy for the next legislative term and affirm the groups commitment towards a modified state Architectural Act including registered interior designers.

1993   August AIA/ASID Government Affairs meet again to reaffirm strategy and plan enforcement of current state architectural rules and regulations per May’s ruling by the OK Attorney General.  This was a strategy to bring change to the existing law that was based on the dollar amount of the project as well as certain types.  AIA and ASID reaffirm to work together for the pursuit of each of their respective causes.

1993   September - Architect Larry Baird supporter of interior design registration resigns from AIA Legislative Committee exposing a disarray and lack of leadership in the AIA OK Chapters.

1994   June/July - AIA /ASID Legislative Committee reopen favorable talks of cooperation however AIA declines to pursue  any legislation  due to lack of leadership and pending opposition from the Home Builders.  The goal was to put a plan in effect in 1996.

1995   November - AIA/ASID Legislative Committee presents 3 Phase Plan for the 96, 97 & 98 Legislatures to revise the state architectural act and interior design title act.  AIA National drafted model “Interior Design Title Registration Act” document that was objected by ASID National.  The AIA OK Chapter issues a reversal in policy by sending out fundraising letters to oppose interior design title legislation.

1997   February - Local architects create “Architects Political Action Committee” to raise money against interior design and engineering legislation.

1999   June - ASID National Board votes to no longer honor the Accord.

1999   December - AIA OK Chapter holds a meeting to propose changing legislation using the “building type” requirements for the need of an architect.

2000   June - NCARB meeting proposes a resolution opposing interior design legislation across the US.  However NCIDQ delivered a letter to the US Department of Justice, Antitrust Division requesting them to review NCARB’s efforts to oppose interior design legislation.  This action affected the proposed NCARB resolution’s language with minor changes but still opposing any interior design legislation.

2000   October - The beginning of creating a separate organization dedicated to interior design legislation takes shape and is called Oklahoma Interior Design Coalition (OIDC).  Laura Tribble is elected President.

2003   February - 1st Session of the legislature the architects introduce legislation to change the state architectural act from dollar base to building type requirements.  The legislation is sent to a Task Force.

2003   June - Laura Tribble is assigned to sit as co-chair on Architectural Task Force where public input on proposed revisions to the state architectural act is heard and recorded.

2003   November 10th OIDC presents Interior Designer Title Act Proposal to Architectural Act Task Force.

2004   January 20th OIDC submits changes to AIA OK Chapter’s pending legislation consistent with language in The International Building Code (IBC).

2004   February 4th OIDC Board members present to the Board of Governors of Licensed Architects and Landscape Architects of Oklahoma (BOG) a proposal to cooperate with them on a bill to include an Interior Design Title Act.

2004   February 12th & March 6th AIA OK Chapter Legislative Committee and OIDC board members meet to review and revise building type language in the proposed legislation.

2004   April – December AIA OK Chapter Legislative Committee and OIDC board members continued to meet and negotiate the interior design title language.  Negotiations then ended with no progress.

2005   June – November AIA OK and OIDC negotiate language for a revised architectural act with interior design title registration and membership on the BOG known as “The Act”.

2006   May - “The Act” passes both chambers of the legislature with implementation of registration in 2007.  The new name of the BOG is the Board of Governors of Licensed Architects, Landscape Architects and Interior Designers of Oklahoma.  AIA OK Chapter and OIDC mutually agree on a 5 year moratorium to not pursue any changes.  OIDC’s lobbyist Steve Kelley retires and his partner Jim Newport replaced him.

2006   July – Laura Tribble resigns to Past President.  Brett Logan is elected President.  Martina Gangel is appointed as the first Interior Designer to sit on the BOG which is now comprised of 11 members:  7 licensed practicing architects, 2 licensed practicing landscape architects, 1 practicing interior designer and 1 lay (public) member.

2008   September - The Institute for Justice files a lawsuit against the interior designer language of “The Act” because of the term “interior designer” only.

2009   February - The BOG files language clean-up of “The Act” including changing the language to “Registered Interior Designers”.  The new name for the BOG is now the Board of Governors of Licensed Architects, Landscape Architects and Registered Interior Designers.

2011   May - Legislative Moratorium between AIA OK Chapters and OIDC ends at the closing of the OK Legislature.  OIDC begins work on changing law to include a Continuing Education (CEU) requirement for Registered Interior Designers.

2012   November – Mark Taylor is appointed by Governor Mary Fallin to replace Martina Gangel as the RID representative to sit on the BOG.

2014   Feb-May – OIDC and its lobbyist negotiate changes to “The Act” to include CEU requirements for RID, partnership with the BOG on their bill which was approved by the OK Legislature.    

2015   Feb-May – OIDC submits new CEU language to the BOG for their bill to revise the "Rules & Regulation" that governs "The Act".  The bill is successfully passed by the legislature, sent back to the BOG for a final vote after public comment, then file with the State.   The BOG misses the deadline to file with the State.  The CEU language will be submitted for inclusion into the 2016 OK Legislature's Omnibus Bill.

2015   July – The BOG approves a policy to implement CEU requirements for RID starting on July 1, 2016.  

2021   May - House Bill 1147 passed into law. The law includes:

  • The title Registered Interior Designer (RID) will be changed to Registered Commercial Interior Designer (RCID).
  • Added Stamp and Seal Provisions for RCIDs
  • The Board of Architects, Landscape Architects and Registered Commercial Interior Designers takes one Architectural board seat and replaces with an Interior Design board seat. This equates to two total interior design representatives on the Board. 
  • Definition added for Interior Design that matches the structure of the current law defining Architecture and Landscape Architecture.

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