What is OIDC?

OIDC is a volunteer, non-profit legislative advocate dedicated to promoting, protecting and enhancing the Interior Design profession in the State of Oklahoma.

OIDC strives to inform and educate OK legislators, interior designers and consumers about the issues confronting the Interior Design profession.

OIDC, in its efforts to strengthen the future of the Interior Design Profession in Oklahoma, gives every interior designer, both registered AND non-registered interior designers, a voice and presence at the Oklahoma Capitol. 

OIDC's mission is to protect the health, safety and well-being of the public. 



The history of Oklahoma Interior Design legislative activity spans over 35 years of dedicated Interior Designers from various professional organizations working together to pursue legislation that enhances and protects the Interior Design profession.  It all began in 1984.  So for a more detailed account of the history and creation of OIDC click Read .


Board Members:

Mackenzie Matray | President

Jennifer Jones | Vice President of Finance

Paige Fruits | Vice President of Membership

Tracy Wood | Vice President of Communications

Holly Morriset | Administrator

Katelyn Bell | IIDA Member at Large

Diana Barr | Graphics Committee Chair

Abby Johnston | Sponsorship Committee Chair